I’ve been thinking

Of pouring my heart 

into a cup

but I’d be too afraid 

That you would drink it

like the mother’s milk 

you so crave.

So maybe I’ll pour it

into a jar

and watch the darkness

and loathing

ingest itself.

Maybe then my head 

would feel lighter.

Or maybe I’ll close the shutters 

over my eyes

bracing for the storm that will

soon burst forth from me

hoping to shield you from my



Maybe I could pour out my veins instead

into the bathtub.

I may not change the sea

but I will change the bathwater

and that stain will never come


Or perhaps

I’ll just stay blue

on the inside

until I turn blue

on the outside.

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I find it hard to be around.


I have scarcely left you
when you go in me, crystalline
or trembling,
or uneasy, wounded by me
or overwhelmed with love, as when your eyes
close upon the gift of life
that without cease I give you.

My love,
we have found each other
thirsty and we have
drunk up all the water and the blood,
we found each other
and we bit each other
as fire bites,
leaving wounds in us.

But wait for me,
keep for me your sweetness.
I will give you too
a rose.


— Absence by Pablo Neruda
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It hath been baked! My second vegan pizza! So good.

Green bell pepper/artichoke hearts/cherry tomatoes/white onion/unbleached organic flour/yeast/water/salt/olive oil/one potato/thyme/garlic/oregano


did you know that yeast is a living thing and that you’re actually eating millions of little living organisms after you feed them and then burn them alive?

You murderers.

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I think I’m going to end up psychotic

I feel paranoid and scared of everything all the time. Everything is out to get me. Every person is out to get me. I know I’m different and I can see the signs. I’ve read and seen enough to know. I’m going to kill myself. Not now but eventually. I can feel it, I can see it and I know it’s going to happen. Nobody thinks I’m capable. Everyone just thinks my depression is hormones, it’s not real, it’ll go away soon.
But it’s not going away
And I can’t go a day without thinking of all the ways I could go through with it. But no one listens. So they’re all going to wake up one morning and I’ll have done it at night in my room and my mom won’t know where I am and shell call my cell phone and she’ll call my name and she’ll call the cops and she’ll search the house and find me in my room and the next day everyone will be brought into a school assembly and the principal will tell everyone and nobody would have thought it possible and they’ll all wonder what it was and they’ll all blame themselves
And they should
Because no matter how much I scream
Nobody ever listens


If you really cared you would have called and said “talk” rather than ” listen”



At age six I was a deviant,
licked my sister’s best friend on the cheek while she slept,
crept back to my mattress and knocked out happy,
dreaming I could fly
like some sweet LSD trip


Oh Christ, I just wanted you to fuck me and then I became greedy, I wanted you to love me (2009) by Tracey Emin

Oh Christ, I just wanted you to fuck me and then I became greedy, I wanted you to love me (2009) by Tracey Emin

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